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10 most-hated companies in America – Illusions of Grandeur

By MarketWatch


Why are some companies hated? The answer often depends on who is asking. Corporations can anger their customers, fail their shareholders, and mistreat their employees. Take a look at 10 of the most-hated companies in America. See full story.

via 10 most-hated companies in America – NewsWatch – MarketWatch.

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband) (Photo credit: DJMcCrady)

I rarely us the word hate and I’m not going to use it now. It is distressing to hear words that have such strong meaning bandied about so frequently and irresponsibly.

The companies mentioned by MarketWatch are J.C.Penny, Dish Network, T-Mobil USA, Facebook, Citigroup, Research in Motion, American Airlines, Nokia, Sears Holding Corp, Hewlett-Packard, all iconic-brands.

There is a thread a common denominator that stands out as the reason for these company’s downfall, a CEO (chief executive officer) who has lost all perspective of what made the enterprise successful to begin with. The most valuable asset of any enterprise are its employees. No matter how effectual you are in cost management, profit capitalization, stock manipulation (sorry), making the company look attractive to Wall Street.

If as CEO you do not realize that if you treat your employee’s like crap its going to bite you in the ass, then you are an idiot. More than likely you are having illusions of grandeur. The cure for those illusions is for you NOT to use the executive bathroom, go to the urinal your employees use, look over to either side, see;

You’re not such a big man after all. I don’t know of a cure for female CEO’s. SUGGESTIONS?