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Billionaire Criminals or Get Rich Quick

Deja vu; White collar crime has become so prevalent in our society, that our minds barely register


FBI Badge & gun.

FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


any news about another financial crime investigation. Another billionaire gone astray.


Insider trading, its only a crime to get caught. Right? Everyone in the industry does it, a little. Only the really greedy financial criminals are sleazy. Its kind of like getting a good tip on a horse at the track. It’s not like getting filthy rich by smuggling drugs. They don’t put you into a real prison, where you have to worry about dropping the soap. It’s like a country club you can never leave and when you’re accustom to jet-setting around the world in your own Gulfsteam, getting locked up at the club is pretty tough. Billionaire criminals are not a danger to society.


The hell they’re not. Financial criminals hurt everyone, you, me, your kids, grand-ma, the girl next door, apple-pie and American-way as we know it. Sorry Ayn Rand but another one of your heroes is tarnished. What say ye;  Republicans, right-wing extremists and their sympathizers. We don’t need more regulation? Maybe we should just put them in a real prison so that these financial gangster will have to shower with Buba.


Citizens, Romans, countrymen hear me! The Wall Street Mafia will continue to wreak havoc on our nation untill you tear your self away from the hot-wings (food) and the wide-screen (circuses) and rise-up angry.

Et Tu Brute.


P.S. I would like to suggest that Forbes magazine have a yearly top 10 of the worlds wealthiest financial criminals.