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Financial Crime Victim Profile

Justice (Dike, on the left) and Divine Vengean...

Justice and Divine Vengeance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are Potential Victims of Financial Crime;

Why are Financial Criminals so successful at committing the same type of financial crimes repeatedly. Do you fit the profile of a financial crimes victims?

The financial crimes perpetrated by financial criminal Charles Ponzi , commonly referred to as the “Ponzi scheme”, are the same type of financial crimes committed presently, on the same type specimen of victims that Mr Ponzi so successfully executed his financial crimes on.

It is a misconception that Charles Ponzi is the originator of financial crime and this type of swindle. With only a slight variation in style this type of financial crime can be traced back as far as 17th century Scotland to Gregor MacGregor, who is infamous for pulling off the biggest fraud in history.

This type of fraud often called a ‘confidence trick‘  because the victims of these financial crimes are ticked in to believing that something that is improbable is possible. Most intelligent people would conclude that only uneducated people can be tricked in to believing in something that does not exist.  Only stupid people are suckers.

The con artist has you already. That’s his first trick,  he is going to convince you (the victim) that you (the victim) are the smartest person in the world and you are going to believe him. I mean it’s true right? You are well educated, intelligent, definitely not naive, not rich maybe, well not one of those “one-percenters’ ” that very one is down on, but lets say comfortable.

Suckers are greedy and you are not. Conservative investments, safe respectable. Sure “take what the traffic will bear” Biz101 and didn’t one of those Wall Street guys say “there is no such thing as a obscene salary”. thats true, they don’t pay you nearly enough for what your talents bring in, you deserve more. He has got you man, and you don’t even know it.

He will never take a large sum of money from you. He will plead with you to invest only what you can afford to loose. It is a little on the risky side, just a little. Past performance… . He will deliver what he promises.

Through out history the victims of this fraud have had common human characteristics. Yeah, you are right you are way too smart to b a victim.

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