Strait answers and other lies.

Deception is a common commodity in commerce in the modern world and especial prevalent on the free information highway the internet or world-wide web or online or googling or yahooing or binging or what ever you call it when we search for knowledge.

I’m not presenting for discussion a search for a tangible consumer product or service. One expects to have to play a game of three-card monte when purchasing a car, a toaster, a television, airline ticket, insurance or an investment product.

So why is it so difficult to find relevant information online?

Why does it take so much time searching?

I’m glad you asked.

There is an entire industry built around how to trick people to your website, where you have nothing to offer them with regard to the informational (content) they truly seek and they would never have been redirected to your site except for the fact that you are proficient at incorporating key word gibberish. The alchemy is called “search engine optimization”. The more people (traffic) you have visiting your site the more money you make from advertising revenue. It’s all about key words and getting as many visitors to your website as possible.

Enough said. Most everyone has guessed that already.

Oh and then there are the spammers nobody likes them. They are cheaters. No one likes them. No one likes to get spammed. But if you could figure out a way to do it (get a few thousand extra clicks an hour) and not get caught would you? I mean really is all that bad? I mean it’s not like bundling up a bunch of mortgage securities paying off the credit rating companies, getting them rated triple A rating, selling them, and them making a bet that they will fail.

You’re not bilking a little old lady out of her savings.

Are people really so naive. There is no free lunch. The internet is not free. The cost is time. To get what you want first you must visit sites that have irrelevant content, then you must get past the pop-up ads (remember click “yes” if you mean no and click “no” if you mean yes). And what ever you do, don’t accidentally go to a XXX site. You’ll probably wind up with a damaged hard-drive, if your wife finds out. Might mess up your computer too.

So in conclusion I’d like to say I’m in!!!

But creating content is soooo hard.

Spamming seems easier. Is spamming illegal? I mean can they put you in jail? Yeah I can just see it. You arrive at prison. First thing your cell mate, Bubba, (why they always named bubba) asks, “what you in for boy?”  You say, “spamming sir”. Yeah, not a pretty picture. Wife probably not going to send you any soap-on-a-rope because of all those accidental XXX visits. When it said “click here I love you long time.” I knew it was a mistake.

Oh well. Guess I’ll give content a try.